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How to Reduce Crow's Feet Without Surgery

How to Reduce Crow's Feet Without Surgery

They say laughter is the best medicine, but what’s the best medicine for the lines that laughter leaves behind?

For many years, surgery was the only way to tighten wrinkled skin and erase laugh lines, but today you have several nonsurgical options. If you live in the greater Phoenix, Arizona, area, we invite you to come explore your choices at Four Peaks Primary Care & Internal Medicine, where Dr. Fayz Yar Khan offers the top-of-the-line aesthetic treatments

Here are your best bets for reducing crow’s feet without resorting to surgery.


The lines that appear when you make facial expressions are called dynamic wrinkles, and crow’s feet certainly qualify. If you stopped smiling and laughing, your crow’s feet would go away, but that’s no way to live.

Fortunately, there’s a way to relax the muscles that crinkle the skin around your eyes without preventing you from smiling and laughing. 

Dysport® is a neuromodulator that temporarily paralyzes targeted muscles to stop their ability to contract. Dr. Yar Khan injects Dysport with an extremely thin needle and delivers the medication to the precise location needed to relax your muscles. 

The treatment only takes a few minutes, there’s no downtime required, it’s FDA-approved, and you should see the results in a couple of days.

There are also other neuromodulators on the market, and Dr. Yar Khan often recommends one of them in particular — Xeomin® — for our patients who have sensitive skin. The concept is the same, but Xeomin is a “naked” version of other neuromodulators, meaning it doesn’t have any protein additives, so you may respond more favorably. 

Dermal fillers

Another way to smooth out your crow’s feet is to plump up the skin underneath them. As you age, your skin naturally loses some fat as well as two essential proteins — collagen and elastin. As the volume decreases, the surface of your skin shrivels, much like a deflated latex balloon. 

Dermal fillers are another injectable, but they work in a very different way. Instead of relaxing your muscles, fillers restore lost volume and plump up your skin, restoring the smooth contours that once gave your skin its youthful look. 

Dermal fillers contain ingredients your skin is already familiar with, such as hyaluronic acid, so there’s very little chance of a bad reaction.

Many fillers even stimulate your body’s production of collagen, so your results are ongoing and natural.

To find out which treatment is best for your crow’s feet, schedule an appointment to visit Dr. Yar Khan. Just call our friendly staff or book online today.

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